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New study finds that Beatles brand will generate nearly $600 million ($US) in 2016

Boston, Mass., May 2, 2016 -- Markets that have formed around the Beatles and their music – including tribute bands, art, conventions, memorabilia, album sales and music downloads – generate more than half a billion dollars (US) annually according to a new study published in the book ‘Equal to the Love You Make.’  Written by brothers Ken and Ron Getz, the book explores each of these markets in detail with profiles of leading players, products and services.  The book is the first known effort to quantify and explore the total value created by the Beatles and their music.

The study found that tribute bands and live performances of Beatles music generate $225 million ($US) annually, or approximately 40% of the total.  Book authors, Beatles-themed radio shows, museums and tours of famous Beatles locations generate an estimated $140 million ($US) annually.

“The Beatles are arguably one of the most enduring and productive brands in history though much of the data we analyzed was very difficult to gather given such a fragmented collective of markets,’ said Ken Getz, co-author and associate professor at Tufts University.  “We relied heavily on Internet searches, printed literature and interviews.”

The book contains full-color images and detailed profiles of 15 market segments including Beatles-themed restaurants, conventions and cruises; dedicated radio shows and newsletters; tribute bands; stage and digital shows; applications and software; university courses and speakers; art; film and television; and memorabilia.  Taken together, the book paints a rich portrait of a highly passionate and loyal multi-generational fan base.

“ Throughout this process, we met some of the most unusual and interesting people who dedicate their time and talents to celebrating the Beatles,” said Ron Getz, co-author and human resources professional. “Although the band broke up more than 45 years ago, it is incredible how many people come together and how much revenue is generated by the Beatles brand every year.”

The authors conclude the book with a discussion of key insights and lessons that can be applied to all brands to improve their impact and resonance with their fans and customer base.  ‘Equal to the Love You Make’ is available on Amazon and in select bookstores.  The authors are also in discussions with colleges and universities to explore adding the book to business, music and brand management course curricula. 

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I am a fan of the Beatles and love to listen to their music, read their lyrics, and learn more about their enduring legacy and history. This book is wonderful. I found the book very interesting and informative. I learned a lot about the Beatles’ history and what’s happening currently. I found it especially interesting about how the fans celebrate Beatles’ music in so many different ways. It is amazing to find out about how massive the Beatles brand was and continues to be, including the theme restaurants, speakers, and exhibits. If you are a fan of the Beatles or business, you will love reading this book.

-March 13, 2016


"Equal to the Love You Make" delivers an entertaining account and perspective on the history of the Beatles' enduring brand. This well-researched, informative book is an excellent resource to students, educators, and Beatles enthusiasts!

-March 30, 2016


This book was recommended to me by a friend and I found it captivating. Whether you're a Beatles fan or not (and who isn't?!) I'm sure you'll find it to be both entertaining and enlightening. The authors have done extensive research into the Beatles brand to create a comprehensive case study into how a single pop culture entity has the ability to live way beyond its years and extend into so many different industries and realms. Beyond their music, the book digs deep into the enormous subsequent markets that have grown in films, television, theater and stage shows, books, art, lecturers, college courses, museums and tours, conventions and cruises, and even restaurants dedicated to the Beatles. A great read - highly recommended for anyone studying marketing and brand communications.

-April 21, 2016


I found this book "Equal to the Love You Make" by Ken & Ron Getz, entertaining, informative and surprising in many ways. It gives the reader the historical significance of the Beatles but also sheds light on the impact of the Brand created by the industry they were part of. The Brand entered so many aspects of our society, branching off into not only the music aspect and it's performance but also into art, culture and fashion as well. The book is well written and organized and should serve as an inspiration to study the impact of Brands in general for courses in business and marketing as well as management. The book is not only an interesting read but also a valuable resource.

-April 25, 2016